Windscreen wipers U-hook Car Windshield Wiper Universal Metal Frame Wiper Blade

Poland Supplier : MAXX LLC SEBASTIAN
Price US$ 2.99 /100 - 499 Sets

Quick Overview

Flat wipers - type U.

The basic product in our offer is in sizes from 11 "to 28". It has a standard U-type handle, so-called a hook that has many cars although the fashion among manufacturers goes towards deduced handles. The choice of a wiper of this type is based mainly on the selection of appropriate lengths. Flat wipers do not have an external metal frame. The wiper arm in the car presses it against the windshield thanks to its flexible construction adapts to the shape of the windshield. The flat wiper resembles the shape of a banana pressed against the glass, so many people just call it colloquially. The flat wiper has a spoiler in its construction, which presses the air while driving and pushes the windshield wiper. Thanks to such a solution, these wipers work very well even at high speeds.
Hybrid wipers - type H.
It is a combination of solutions from a standard frame wiper known from cars from the 80s-90s with a flat wiper. The construction of the wiper is divided into segments that tighten the wiper arm. This model is often called Japanese. The first models of this wiper assembled Japanese car brands. It is characterized by a more aggressive appearance than a flat wiper. These wipers also have a universal U-handle. These wipers can also be used in older cars, despite the fact that they were used for very modern cars for the first assembly.
Wipers dedicated.
Our company manufactures wipers with dedicated holders, i.e. those used for the first assembly of cars. The package includes a set of wipers, ie the left wiper (wiper from the driver) and the right (wiper from the passenger) with a dedicated grip for a given car model. We set here for dedicated handles despite the fact that the competition uses different types of adapters. Unfortunately, we know from experience that adapters usually have a shorter service life, much lower comfort of work and very often do not fit many cars (eg they do not fit in the car's pillars). The solutions we have used guarantee easy installation and safe use. The selection of wipers takes place after the brand and the car model with an indication of the year of production. We provide pictorial assembly instructions for every car model.

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