Steam Countertop Display Case

Brazil Supplier : Goodbiz Global
Price US$ 420.00 - US$ 520.00 / Pieces

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Steam system, much more humidity and shelf life to the foods. GN pans, adjustable wired shelves, tray for water and crumbs.

Oval or straight cupula, profiles in anodized aluminum, glasses with 4mm thickness, luminous display with the picture you want, trays standard GN 1/2 and 1/3, support of the trays in carbon steel, adjustable shelves, thermostat with auto shut off, tray for water and crumbs, power cord of silicon resistant to 300*C or 572*F. Two sizes: a) 48x45x85cm or 18.9x17.7x33.5"; b) 67x45x85cm or 26.3x17.7x33.5".

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