Stainless Steel With Free Glass Lid Curv Pressure Cooker 1.5 Liter

India Supplier : KENCOOK HOME
Price US$ 25.00 - US$ 26.00 / Pieces

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Quality Manufacture of various type of pressure cooker in outer Lid Type
We manufacture high-quality and extremely reliable Stainless Steel Series Confirm to AISI 304 SALEM Steel Pressure Cooker (Regular), which have outer-lid system. with unique capsule botom pressure cooker with three layers of material capsulated which prevent food from getting burnt and the base of the pan from going out of shape.Available in various capacity ranging from 1.5 liters to 7.5 liters, these outer lid stainless steel pressure cooker have sturdy construction. Moreover, our outer lid pressure cookers are highly energy efficient and retain most of the nutrients while cooking.

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