Set of 3 Quality 4 x 1 inch Sisal , White Stiched ,Calico Metal Polishing Mops

United Kingdom Supplier : ABC Polishing and Engineering Supplies
Price US$ 9.02 - US$ 9.79 / Boxes

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Set of 3 Quality UK made Metal polishing mops ,

A Full set of  3   4 x 1 inch  Metal Polishing mops , The mops are used to complete the essential 3 stage metal polishing proceess , used with the appropiate  polishing compounds the mops produce a mirror finish on


calico finishing,buffing mop is used to finish and enhance the metal surface  with a polished  mirror finish. 


1 UNIT =  3  MOPS   1 X  4X1 SISAL ,    1 X 4X1  WHITE STICHED , 1 X 4X1  CALICO . 

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