Pleasing Rich Custom Metal Necklace

United States Supplier : Mostadmiredbeauties & Spa LLC
Price US$ 1.00 - US$ 10.00 / Pieces

Quick Overview

Sideways Initial Necklace Is designed at the optimal size to fit over your Neck It has a 5cm extension chain,you can adjustable CRAFTS:Featuring a delicate vacuum electroplating process, it glistens in sunlight, and does not fade.

Sideways Large Initial Necklace in a surprise for your family and friends! Name Necklace is delivered with a Velvet bag .It a perfect gift for for any woman in your life. This beautifully crafted initial Name necklace is the ideal gift for your best friend, daughter, wife, mom, and even grandmas love them too,Which is very Memorable!

Large Initial Necklace is good Necklace Gift let her know she always connected to you just like these Letter Name . When she wears this necklace shell have a reminder of her strength and that you are always there for her. Celebrating family, wife, daughter, granddaughter, women, and girls,Mother,Friend, Let her know youll love them forever with this elegant pendant. Perfect gift for MOM

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