Ortep Car Special Soap used for extraction and tornade cleaning. Spot remover ,low foaming

Greece Supplier : D.ORFANOS-N
Price US$ 2.22 - US$ 3.32 / Kilograms

Quick Overview

ORTEP is an advanced cleaning concentrate for carpets, moquettes and other textiles for use with “extraction” machines.

In comparison to the competitive products ORTEP has the following advantages.

1)Direct solubility to water

2)Stain-removal as concentrate.

3)Water and fabric conditioner .

4)Antisoil active ingredients

5)Smooth lusterizer for each kind of fabric

This is why ORTEP is considered an innovative development in the area of carpet and fabric cleaner. Because it provides astonishing results with anti-stain properties.



Fro use with an extraction machine normal end dilution should be between 3-6%. Water temperature should be normal and best at 40-50

For additional results you can use following stain removers and conditioners from our production line:ORBIRIT, ORBIK, ORBIT, ORWAP, ORBOSIL, ORWAS  

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