Large Utility Reusable Promotional Tote Shopping Bag

Australia Supplier : E.R. CORNISH
Price US$ 0.30 - US$ 0.50 / Pieces

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Large Utility Reusable Promotional Tote Shopping Bag


The durable polypropylene fabrics our quality bags are manufactured with are engineered instead of being weaved or knitted, usually with single use or very durable, often recycled, fabrics.


Our cheap non-woven tote bags come in a rainbow of colors and styles, guaranteed to find a perfect match for you or your business. The prices of our wholesale non-woven tote bags are too cheap to mention! Most of them are available under one dollar, making buying in bulk perfectly available, even for small business with smaller budgets.


Make a professional impression by choosing for a trendy looking promotional non woven tote bag, instead of cheap plastic bags. These bags are reusable, making it a convenient item for your customer and lets you reach a larger audience.


Our reusable non-woven tote bags are a perfect solution for a reusable grocery tote bag, a trendy shopping tote for a visit to the mall or your favorite stores. Our larger and more durable bags are so versatile, you can use them for practically anything. From doing laundry and shopping to a family picnic or a fun day at the beach.


These economical c

  • Made Of 80 Gram Non-Woven, Coated Water-Resistant Polypropylene

    3 ½" Gusset

    13" Handles

    Spot Clean/Air Dry

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