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Product Name
Glass polish system
Brand Name
Green Plus
Place of OriginJapan

[Purpose and results of product development]

Our GP Coat was developed as a product for the maintenance of ship glasses at first. Stain-prone glass surface can cause problems, including low visibility and uncleanliness due to oil films, scalelike stains, etc. Our GLASS PROTECT COATING SYSTEM can resolve these problems, as supported by the results of its 15-year operations. GP Coat is suitable for all types of inorganic glasses.


[Attractiveness and features of product]
GP Coat's GLASS PROTECT COATING SYSTEM enables you to remove stubborn stains on glass surfaces with our own polishing technology to bring the glasses back to their original transparency. Layers on glass surfaces of the coating material that we originally developed can protect glass surfaces for a long time. After being polished with GP Coat, glasses will be reborn as easy-to-maintain glasses.


While being mainly used for vehicles and ships currently, our GP Coat is a highly promising product also in various other fields because of its applicability to all types of inorganic glasses, such as ones used for buildings.


[Glass Polishing system]
Our agent to remove the scae like dirt is comparable to diamond's hardness and sharpness. It will remove the scale like dirt that engrained to glasses completely!


[How to remove scale]

You can use any of single action, gear action, or double action polisher. Single action is the strongest, and double is the weakest.
Special rubber urethane buff for polishing has 2 kind, 150 and 125. Please chose the one that fits on your polisher.

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