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Quick Overview

Beluga Solar Lighting has been developing, manufacturing and selling their solar lighting based technology in various countries at affordable costs. In many countries, we are one of the popular manufacturers. The biggest example to add is “our popularity as solar power garden lights manufacturers!”

In Africa, we have invested a lot in providing the clients with best commercial and industrial grade lighting solutions which are sustainable and power saving in nature. Our team at Beluga Solar Lighting offers you absolute exterior lighting alternatives ranging from solar power lightings to LED fixtures, including many other solar-energy-operated solutions.

Application and utility of specialized outdoor garden lights

While developing such technology, our experts keep in mind the ultimate requirements of our users. Our teams try and include all the specializations and features as recommended by our customers to offer the best output to the consumers.

The manufactured lights at solar power garden lights manufacturers have a great variety of applications and utilities. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • These are fit to be used as an outdoor lighting system for public buildings, university, government offices etc.
  • Garden lights can also be used in other remote areas where minimal and affordable lighting is required.

Beluga Solar Lighting, as one of the top solar power garden lights manufacturers in the industry, takes the initiative to contribute to the cause of conservation of energy by offering innovative lighting options to its consumers.

Selecting Beluga for your outdoor lighting requirements

Over a decade of experience in manufacturing the cost-effective and reliable lighting solutions, we have made our name stand among the topmost China solar power garden lights manufacturers. We manufacture state-of-art garden lights which work on the renewable source of energy. So, come to us and bring back your garden lights!!

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