Conical heavy duty rock auger

Turkey Supplier : Teknofor Insaat
Price US$ 1,000.00 - US$ 10,000.00 / Pieces

Quick Overview

Teknofor Auger for drilling rig parts, conical bucket,rock auger Drill: 


1- Sturdy an wearable rock pilot for accurate positioning


2- Hard facing strips for wear protection and service life extending


3- Kelly box size as per customer demand 


Teknofor drilling augers are mainly divided into three types: 


1- Conical Rock Auger ( Single cut auger and Double cut auger), Drilling Diameter Range: 600~1800mm,


Main Applications: Single Cut Augers and Double Cut Augers are suitable for drilling in medium to strong rock (15~60MPa), Double Cut Augers are recommended for bigger diameters uncased boreholes. ) 

2- Flat or Butterfly Rock Auger  (Single-Cut Auger, Double Cut Auger, Double Cut Auger without Rock Pilot) 

Main Applications: Flat or Butterfly Rock Augers are suitable for drilling in weak fractured rock and very dense sand and gravel (Less than 5 MPa),  Double Cut Augers are mainly used for bigger diameter uncased boreholes and secant piles.,  Double Cut Auger without rock pilot are recommended for fractured rock or moderately weak to moderately strong rock (5~50 MPa), Other sizes can be manufactured as per customer demand.


3- Flat or Butterfly Clay Auger: (Single Cut Auger and Double Cut Auger),


Main Applications: The Single Cut and Double Cut Augers are suitable for drilling in clay, silt and loose to medium dense sand and gravel., The Single Cut and Double Cut Augers with side cutters are suitable for drillin in hard clay, silt and medium to high dense sand and gravel., Single Cut Augers are recommended up to coarse gravel.

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