Brand new PP recycle drainage cell for landscape greening

Singapore Supplier : UNISEAL
Price US$ 1.00 - US$ 10.00 / Square Meters

Quick Overview

GrasCell® DC drainage mats are designed for lightweight yet sturdy sub-soil drainage to replace the traditional use of granite aggregates for sub-soil drainage. It also acts as a protection medium for waterproofng membrane in applications such as roof decks and planter boxes.

The mat, a single piece injection moulding, designed with large surface void area of approx. 60% for DC20, DC30, and DC50. It is suitable for applications where high water capture and discharge rates are required. In addition, its high compresssive strength allows it to support soil and plants on it as well as human trafc. The mats are available in various thickness of 20mm, 30mm, and 50mm.

These mats can be stacked up to suit various height requirements.

These mats have male/female interlocking system at the sides that allow the mat to be laid out securely to form a platform for planting.

The mats come in standard and fre-rated versions.

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