9 piece standard aluminium,stainless and metal polishing kit

United Kingdom Supplier : ABC Polishing and Engineering Supplies
Price US$ 22.50 - US$ 23.14 / Boxes

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9 piece standard aluminium,stainless, metal polishing kit

Motorcycle,car, commercial ,industrial, Standard  Aluminium, stainless steel, metal polishing kit ,designed to be used 

 for polishing and mirror finishing alloy,stainless and steels that have a scratch free surface, Full instructions are provided . 

kit contents 

4 x 1  white stiched 2nd stage polishing mop

1 x   tapered drill  spindle for attatching mop to  hand drill

1 x mini white finishing polish

1x  100g lime power 

1  dusk mask

1 x set of polishing instructions 

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