4 Zone DC Inverter - 3 x 12,000 Btu + 1 x 18,000 Btu Multi Split - Heat Pump-Air Conditioner - 16 SEER - 220V

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4 Zone Multi Split 4 x 12,000 Btu Ductless Wall Mount - DC Inverter Air Cond.-Heat Pump-16 SEER-220 V with Complete set of 4


Inverter Technology: 
Like a cruise control of a vehicle Inverter technology varies the compressor speed based on cooling and heating needs in the space. Variable speed enables to precisely match the system capacity to actual load requirements. Instead of shutting off once the desired temperature is reached, it allows the compressor to continue to operate at low speed to maintain the set temperature.

• 16 SEER efficiency
• DC inverter technology
• Whisper-quiet operation
• LCD display
• 3 fan speeds
• Low ambient heating, down to 5º F
• 24-hour programmable timer 
• Dehumidifying mode
• Quick-access, washable air filter
• No window space required for installation
• Model indoor: KWIL012-H216
Residential applications: 
• Renovations 
• Sunrooms 
• Garages / workshops. 

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