2017 German ozone generator for water treatment

Germany Supplier : German DeVilbiss
Price US$ 1.00 - US$ 35.00 / Pieces

Quick Overview

Water treatment ,air purifier  Fruit and Vegetable  Sterilizing ozone generator

This is a multipurpose Ozone Generator  
You can also use it to disinfect and sterilize fruits and vegetables. With special attachments it eliminates pesticides and agricultural chemicals as well as extends storage and refrigeration life.
You can also use this unit to eliminate odors from fish and meat products. And also water treatment for dissolves impurities and increases water oxygen level. You can kill bacteria on all surfaces as well as your tableware.
Ozone output: 500  mg/H


Ozone generator Function ;

  • AIR PURIFIER & DEODORIZER - Purifies air and retains freshness in your home or office
  • DISINFECT & STERILIZE FRUITS & VEGETABLES - Eliminates pesticides and agricultural chemicals from fruits and vegetables
  • ELIMINATES ODOR FROM FISH & MEAT -Remove all kinds of bad smell in Toilet & refrigerator
  • WATER TREATMENT: Dissolves -impurities and increases water oxygen level
  • TABLEWARE TREATMENT-Kills bacteria on all surfaces and tableware


Specification :

Type: HYS-1668

Power Supply: a.c.220V/110V- 50Hz

Input power: 18W

Operation temperature humidity: +5℃-+40℃    30%RH-80%RH

Transportation and storage temperature humidity: -20℃-+55℃   10%RH-95%RH

Operation atmosphere pressure: 86kPa-106kPa

Transportation and storage atmosphere pressure: 50kPa-106kPa

Net weight: 1.6 Kg

Size: 240*150*300(mm)



Operating principle:

Use the principle of thunder stroke producing ozone,and the machine will take the air as the material to produce ozone by creating high frequency electricity power voltage.


ozone has strong oxidizability,it can kill the bacteria in very short time.

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